You’ve taken the time to make your points thoughtfully, Sirous, and I’ll respond to all of them as…
Ben Thomas

Great deal, dude. I appreciate the honesty and kindness.

And I totally agree with you about the meaness and pettiness of the medium community. I’ve dipped into that, at times, but only when the writing itself was mean and petty.

I mean, for the amount of crazy shit I see here, reading what you wrote was a welcome breath of fresh air. You make conclusions I don’t entirely agree with, but I can see how you’ve arrived at these conclusions. I do think the people of what we call Persia were indeed medieval far before Europe was. It was something like 600 years before Europe was able to go outside of its borders again (roughly equating fall of western Rome to first crusades). These Europeans did seem every bit the barbarian to the Arabs of the time, as well. They stank, they had long lank hair, they were apparently rather flatulent due to their legume based diet as so on. But they did kick some pretty serious ass. And they did create a new civilization in a land that had only been impenetrable forest in the centuries prior. That’s the really big take away for me with the early medieval period. Europe was nothing when Rome fell. There were Roman cities and outposts, sure, but they were every bit as linked to Rome as every other peripheral entity in the empire. The empire is gone, and they’re largely gone, too. There’s a reason why Justinian didn’t go back into Europe — there wasn’t anything worth going after, it was far away, and the people inside were jerks.

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