Molly S. Hill

I thought David was well reasoned and polite in his response. Yours was the response I found flippant.

Blaming culture and society are easy outs. But they are still outs, means to absolve ones self of responsibility. We are born alone, and we die alone. We live our entire lives in between the confines of our skull — alone. We create life, but that life then goes on to live its own life. I could live with my life for seventy years, adapting our lives to each other more and more as the years pass. But we are still experiencing our lives separately, and we are both going to go into oblivion alone.

Your agency is your own until you choose to give it away. The costs of protesting violations of personal agency vary — from being literally obliterated by an anti aircraft artillery piece on North Korea, to having acid tossed on a face in too many places in the middle east or to burning a professional bridge/being thought of as a bitch in the US.

There’s a cost for refusing to cede agency. There’s also a cost to doing it, too, though. It’s the personal cost, the truly personal, the experiences that only you will ever know.

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