You’re still misinterpreting what I wrote, even though I said it twice.
Tom Christy

If the issue is that we’ve outgrown our britches in terms of being able to handle a complicated and dangerous world, then the issue is the decision making faculties themselves.

For the industrialized world, the part that’s responsible for climate change and these nationalist governments that are now all the rage, that decision making faculty is some form of democracy.

Therefore, the logical implication of your statement is that democracy is causing us to make bad choices and is by extension the problem. I’m not just coming to this conclusion out of nowhere. Consider that democracy is considered the pinnacle of collective decision making capability, one that’s credited from keeping modern nations out of war and famine. If you criticize the means of humanity to make decisions for itself, you’re critiquing democracy.

We’ve managed not to immolate the world in nuclear hell fire for a little over 70 years now, and I’m confident we can continue for another 70 more or less muddling along, fucking up, but still coming out better for it.

And if the founding fathers believed in fundamental human goodness, why did they institute so many checks and balances in our system of government?

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