I’m a white person.
Shannon Holman

In other words, you’ve never experienced assimilation, as Mr. Zoobahtov has.

We are thankfully a long ways away from being explicitly awful to immigrants. We’ve shed those old world prejudices and forged our own identity, where, to be honest, we just don’t really care where you’re from. Celebrate Cinco De Mayo, Eid, Nowruz, Chinese New Year, Bastile day — whatever. Who cares? Sure, we might be interested, on an individual level.

Americans, that amorphous blob, don’t care until they’re forced to. That’s good and bad. That indifference allows people to celebrate their ethnic identity and add it to our own. When did I first start seeing Cinco De Mayo being advertised around my parts? I don’t remember. But it’s a thing now. So what? That doesn’t mean I’m supposed to sit idly by and accept agitators trying to rewrite the narrative on elements that preexisted, such as the Alamo.

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