But it is also a nation first built on the backs of African slaves and later with the help of a few hundred thousand immigrants (with whom they have a history of hostility towards). To say that we have much to mend and work on, is an understatement.
I see the point you’re trying to make. It’s understandable, albeit overtly aggressive.
Jinn Liu

It’s millions, not hundreds of thousands. It wasn’t just non-Europeans who faced cultural backlash. On my mothers side, they changed their very German last name to a very innocuous American one around the first world war, along with many other German-Americans. This was also when German language newspapers and schools shut down, and by extension, it also spelled the doom of a hyphenated German-American identity.

And I agree America could do a better job with representation in the media and with being welcoming of foreign cultures. We represent American diversity in all sorts of really weird ways. Compare how uniformly interracial relationships are presented — black men with white women. I don’t see black women with white men, Asian women with Hispanic men, Asian pacific islander men with middle eastern women and so on. That’s one of many weird wrinkles that hollywood and American media has when it comes to portrayal of ethnicities.

So while I agree we could, and we do need to do better, I wonder who is doing a better job than we do? Maybe Canada (although I detect a distinct sheen of glib superficiality there)? How would the other world powers handle hundreds of thousands of immigrants a year, every year, over several decades? They would ignore them, shunt them into ghettoes, or force them to integrate by destroying their identity. No one else does what we do. The best indicator, though, is to look at how these other powers have treated their own minorities. Look at Turkey and it’s insistence that Kurds are “Mountain Turks” or China, with its policies towards Tibetans and Uighurs. Or what’s happening to anyone in the middle east who isn’t part of the majority or the minority ruling power.

We might suck, but we still have the cleanest shirt.

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