You are very vague and unspecific in everything you respond.
Ana Frusinoiu

Jesus Christ. The mask comes off, does it? Did you miss my comment where I explained the slut walker thing? I wrote it directly to you. Not sure how you did.

But, here, I’ll do the work for you

“ Slut walker is a reference to the slut walk phenomenon I’ve seen in various western cities. I’m not calling them sluts, as the work was done for me by them. I mean, whatever, they can screw or not screw as many dudes as they like.”

I guess I glossed over what you said about men doing the same. It applies to them, too. Men, however, are not the focus of these slut walks. At least not directly.

And you accuse me of being vague? You asked me to state directly how feminism and marxism have become linked. I did so, through post modernism and intersectional theory. How is that vague? As to specifics, well, I’m not going to drop any knowledge on you. Does that sound familiar?

Then the insults. You fall into same pattern as every other internet feminist that I’ve decried. I have zero problems with women as competition. And I don’t really see them as competition, I see them as colleagues and partners. Its funny that you know so much about me, though.

To top it all off, you commit the fallacy of arguing from authority. You lived in a totalitarian state that was inspired by Marxist though. Any good academic will gladly tell you this, especially those who are post modernists and invariably Marxists.

This is not forget your terribly insulting use of the word Oriental. We’re way beyond that. Don’t you know? Perhaps you threw that hateful word at me as a barb to me personally — us orientals, after all, cannot be counted on to be intellectually rigorous like good Europeans such as yourself.

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