Oscars for Blacks? Check. Latinos Cry, “What About Us?” It’s Time for Us to Cry, “Enough!”
Traditional Tradesman

On a more serious note, suppose Lin-Manuel Mirana was Len-Michael Morrison. Mid 40’s, grew up in the midwest, doesn’t have aids, has two kids and has been married to the same woman for the past 15 years.

Suppose Hamilton had a historically accurate cast.

Everything else was the same — the cringe worthy rapping and so on.

Would it be the success it is? Do people really think we’re going to see Hamilton being produced in a hundred years?

I highly doubt either to be true. Why then, if we isolate everything and are left with race and sexual orientation, how is that not racist? How is that not whatever is going on with sexual orientation (we don’t seem to have word for it)?

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