Boy, aren’t you jittery!
Ana Frusinoiu

Oriental is a word of the 20th century. It belongs there with gypsy, retard, and nigger. People who are oriental often find it highly offensive. I personally do not — my reaction has been the only time I was trolling. I was merely peddling in the currency of outrage.

You keep on using slut against me. It is a thing. I did not invent the term. They self identify as sluts. When I said it, I was merely describing a word they themselves use.

I really don’t know how more clear I can be.

That’s you being ignorant. I have not treated you as ignorant. If I did, I would have assumed you didn’t know what a slut walk was.

Specific? We need to debate that now? Dictionary, please.

You asked me to specifically name what Marxist elements had infected feminism, even though in the previous exchange, I did just that. So I did it again, and I’ll do it yet another time. And I will include links, because I assume you’re ignorant.

These are, again, specific things. I really don’t know what more you want me to do. I never said that these things inspired feminism, because feminism came before them. I never said that Marx inspired feminism (although the concept of a class struggle can easily be grafted onto the concept of a gender struggle). Please read what I wrote, and not what you think I wrote. It makes you look ignorant.

As to the issue with academics, that’s a problem between you and them. You go to any campus in the western world, you speak to a number of professors less than five in the humanities or social sciences, and you will find at least one who will tell you that we’ve never seen the true application of utopia that is communism. I actually happen to believe what you and your countrymen suffered under was the true application of marxist ideologies. I do believe that they are inevitable tyrannical and murderous.

(And just to be really, really clear. I don’t think you’re ignorant.)

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