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Please, separate the two for me. If these diplomats stay at the Trump hotel, surely they be paying the market rate. Foreign governments are just as funny about receiving gifts as we are (not as funny about giving them, oddly enough). If they are paying a special rate for foreign diplomats, say, oh I don’t know, a million dollar room on Melania’s birthday (if you miss the parrlel I’m making, look up Bill’s million dollar birthday gift) then that would be a clear case. But if you pay $200 a might for the Trump hotel and $195 for the Hilton, how can you separate the value of the name? You can’t. The hotel is newer, its in a better location, it has better fixtures, so on and so on. It isn’t cut and dry like you’re unethically making it out to be.

It’s funny how you’re overlooking the special houses that diplomatic missions have, too. You know, embassies? Replete with residences and suites for visiting foreign nationals? Sure, Cote D’voire might need to rent a room somewhere, but I know Russia or China doesn’t.

Pay to play. Give me a fucking break.

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