Do you think the low rate of pay might have something to do with this?
Scott Elyard

Regarding fly over land: I didn’t quote the author, so I don’t know why there is an expectation that it was said there. The melt your face expensive places to live are on the coasts. The cheaper places tend to be in the interior. That was what was being talked about, so I made my reference to flyover land.

As far as these companies being a parasite — I totally agree. It’s an awful behavior, and one that should be shamed, ridiculed, and legislated out of existence. It shows an amazing lack of corporate perception to put these jobs in places like San Fransisco in the first place.

That doesn’t make your business a failure, though. REI and Costco don’t see positive movement in the stock market because they pay their employees better than their competitors. A social failure, an ethical failure, sure. But not a business failure.

The low rate of pay for customer service jobs, that is certainly a motivator to get in and get out. But it’s still a job that many people work their entire careers in, those, through ability or circumstance, cannot use it as a stepping stone.

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