All of that sounds great!
Ester Bloom

So, I just said elsewhere that such a situation, as Marion described, sounded near heavenly to me. It reminds me of my early childhood to a degree. But, while I cannot speak for Marion, I know that the circumstance that brought me to live in close proximity to venomous snakes was not one my family made. It was circumstance that made this choice. I could go live in a situation as Marion describes, and as I once did, as a choice. But this a less than optimal choice for myself as a father, as a husband, and simply for myself. Why?

  1. I would have to worry about my family getting parasites from drinking well water. This actually happened to me, and it was really, really shitty.
  2. I would have to concern myself with wildlife coming into the home, venomous snakes or otherwise. This too happened, on different occasions.
  3. The schools I send my children to would almost certainly be worse.

Then there’s the more petty stuff, like having to drive 45 minutes to get to a McDonalds, or being back on how can you call it broadband broadband, not having access to diverse food options and so on. So I wouldn’t do it. It’d be selfish. Maybe when I’m old and rich and can afford a second house.

But I can see the beautiful simplicity in the life Marion described, and that circumstance once forced my younger self into.

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