You know, there’s one thing that’s pissed me off that everyone else overlooks: since we are paying…
Zoey Bedenbaugh

The example you gave about food allergies is something I find very offensive. Some allergies are so severe that someone can die if they have a strong enough reaction. Yet, at restaurants, the onus is on the customer to navigate that issue. If I’m eating a peanut based sauce at PF Changs, and if someone enters the establishment who is extremely allergic, I can continue eating. And the restaurant can continue serving. It’s up the customer to make his or her plate a safe space for dinner.

And as far as this capitalist model of colleges go — yeah, no. Its what has gotten us where we are today. It’s gotten us to the point where students scream cultural appropriation because their Vietnamese sandwich is on the wrong bread. Students are not consumers. I pay a lot in property tax. That doesn’t make me a consumer at the school, nor does it make my children consumers. There is a fundamental imbalance of power between students and the universities they attend. As such, their concerns, while noted, are not preeminent. Contrast this with a place that has actual consumer based interactions, such as the aforementioned PF Changs. The advantage of the imbalance is with the consumer — they can go eat at dozens of other establishments. Customer satisfaction, then, is reasonably and justifiably the preeminent concern.

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