On dating men with “potential”

This article is interesting for a number of reasons.

First is that it is relationship advice, written by someone who seems to have been allergic to healthy relationships.

Second is that you openly admit you plagiarized your own work and seemed proud of it. I hope that any literate 18 year old could write an A paper for someone in 10th or 11th grade, but this is unfortunately not the case.

Then there’s the blaming of the police officer for making the author unsafe. Oh really now? The cop was doing his job. He saw two love birds having a good time, and believed the BS being peddled to him by the drug addict. Not uncommon. I’ve seen the same phenomenon happen in my own life. But it wasn’t the police officers fault.

To wrap it all up there’s the seeming resent for her father that the author has. Look at him, going to all of the exotic places, getting away from her and having a second life. OK — that’s really, really interesting. Was he doing this on his private boat due to him being a world traveling dilettante? Or was this his job, you know, the means at which he supported his family? I wonder how it would make him feel to know that his daughter resented him for that. I hope he never does, because I know for me, and for my own father, who was similarly away from home during tumultuous times — I know it would be soul crushing. All of the holidays, the birthdays, the carefree weekends, the completely mundane aspects of family life — I know I’ve missed those when I have been away. Had I been in a situation where I wasn’t required to be away, I wouldn’t have been. Then there’s the guilt of knowing you are leaving your children with an unwell person.

There’s a story here, men. Women can be losers too.

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