Is this your suggestion, then?
Mirah Curzer

Well, my first suggestion would be to not live in a place where such behavior is common enough for it to happen multiple times on the same day. As a fellow former resident of shit smell county, Texas, I imagine you didn’t see a whole lot of aggressive cat calling growing up. It would be a not unreasonable survival tactic, and I can imagine a Muslim woman who would previously not have worn the hijab might find comfort in it, in such environs. It’s interesting, actually. For my relatives coming to live here from the home country, they tell me that wearing the hijab there is an invitation to harassment, and that they would not wear one here because they feel it would cause them not to be harassed. Still haven’t figured that one out. I contribute it more to cultural misunderstanding than anything else. After all, all of the women there have to wear hijab, and it is an overtly paternalistic culture, where women are literally blamed for inviting their assailants by what they wear.

I am also well aware of the statistics you’re citing. You present two isolated cases, a list, and a larger study that should 4/5ths of all rapes occur from someone the victim knows. That isn’t what I’m talking about though, is it? I’m talking about being harassed and victimized on the street. Cat calls by their very nature occur from someone who is a stranger. But you’re well aware of that, and you’re simply trying twist the message with your pithy sentences. It is easier though than actually responding to arguments made elsewhere.

A survey of the videos available, showing women being cat called on the street, point to a rather exclusive demographic. I can imagine the shouts of sheer delight that would occur if such a video was made, say, in Burlington (Vermont). That isn’t what is happening. It is isolated to a particular city and to a particular demographic. Absolutely no one is making these “men” act the way they do.

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