I agree that in general we should attack ideas and not people.
Richard Hartzell

You do not know what you are talking about.

You can jump to any conclusion you like, but that doesn’t make it logical. I can only take someone at their word online. I do this until I’m given evidence that would suggest otherwise. Someone who isn’t American saying “I’m not an American” — that’s not a red flag. That’s a simple and reasonable statement for someone who is expressing an opinion for politics in another country.

But, sure, let’s say she’s a Trump troll. Why didn’t you call her that, then? Instead you attacked her based upon her seeming country of origin. That isn’t a normal, polite thing to do. It’s weird, and, since I’m using the language of the regressives, its gross.

Since it seems to matter to you, I’m not a Trump supporter. I’m probably going to vote for Harambe this year, if I vote at all.

As to the who and what of Svetlana — I’m not addressing that because it would be impolite to do so. She might be a troll or she might be the person she claims she is. I believe the latter. The same goes for you, Bubba. I have no idea if you’re actually who you say you are. I can only take what you present about yourself at face value, and until I’m given indications to do otherwise, to largely believe what you claim about yourself. It is pretty clear that you are American, as you’re exhibiting the unfortunate affinity to American centric means of thought that we often succumb to.

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