I figured out your problem quite easily.
Zoey Bedenbaugh

You know my problem?

Look, I’ve heard some bullshit in my life. Lots of it. From my mother, my criminal extended family, to my superiors in the military, to college professors and civilian life managers.

Never have I heard anything so blatantly offensive and tone deaf. So, good job. You’ve out done a drug addicted narcissist.

And, no, that’s actually NOT “my problem.” I can’t think of any instances where I’ve been told I’m powerless, with or without buy in. It has, in fact, been the opposite. I’ve seen indications, drawn parallels, and seen patterns that have created a narrative and a reality that I hold; never have I been told.

And as to being anti social justice? I’m anti regressive and reactionaries. I’m anti identiarian politics. I’m pro individual responsibility.

OK, so now that’s out of the way…

I’ve contributed to corporate fascism? Really now? How have I done that? I’ve been abused by what you would call corporate fascism.

As to the canard you raised of paying=voice, there are several institutions we interact with that we pay into, and while they generally are expected to hear our voices, it doesn’t mean they actually have to do anything. Universities are one. As I said before, there’s a fundamental power imbalance occurring. The student seeks knowledge and the associated credibility; the university gives that knowledge and associated credibility — provided you meet their standards. These standards, in turn, are either promulgated internally, with guidance given by external bodies (government, regional accreditation, professional accreditation). Sometimes this guidance is an actual demand, such as requirements for law students who want to take the bar exam. I might hate math. Math might bring me back to memories of failure and bullying (which it does, incidentally, from the 4th grade all the way to my senior year, due to learning disabilities that were not diagnosed until I was 17). But I really doubt I’m going to get a pass on pre-calculus because of that. Yes, that’s different than a trigger warning, but it’s nonetheless a case of where the university I attend has no obligation to attend to my issues. And, sure, I can go elsewhere. But any other credible university is going to likewise have institutional demands of me that I cannot bypass simply because I pay into it.

If you want to tie all of that back into money, sure, let’s do it. The student is hardly the only source of income for universities. You’ve got alumnus donors. Insitutional donors. Corporate donors. Endowment. Government funding. Non profit funding. And other things that I’m not thinking of, stuff like parking tickets and parking fees. The student is one source of funding.

Tie all of this back to your ridiculous comparison to a restaurant — at a restaurant, unless there’s some hijinks going on, myself as the consumer, and my fellow consumers — we are the source of funding. Complete and utter. If the restaurant has a habit of poisoning those who suffer from allergies, it’s not going to last very long.

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