You misrepresent my statements.

“you people are savages!”

That’s what you said. I misrepresented nothing. You made no distinction, and from the way you wrote it, you included the “dear officer” officer as one of these savages — someone who appears to be a honest, hard working cop.

So my name is Sirous, which is the more appropriate way to write Cyrus, which is a Persian name. I’m not white. It may say that on census forms, but that’s because “my people” (that is, people from the middle east) do not have a special congressional lobby. I have received a lot of attention from police, and from higher than police, and for more base reasons than that of skin tone alone. But you know what? They have their reasons.

So what were you saying, again? Some bullshit about my white privilege? Is this where you tell me that I am indeed white, and that I haven’t suffered systemic persecution? What about the numerous times I have been told by brown and black Americans (never-mind that white, or as we say, sefeed Americans have yet to do that) that I obviously do not belong here because of my accent? Mind you, these same people say “axe” instead of “ask”, and I’m the one with the accent.

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