raving whining no-good lazy bitches
No, you have not made any point clear, yet you accuse me and other people here of not being…
Ana Frusinoiu

You requested she avoid ad hominem attacks, yet you’re the only one doing so, and it’s towards yourself. Which is pretty strange in and of itself. It’s also really strange you would say you’re a dumb blonde and cite your profile photo — to a woman who is likewise clearly blonde from her profile photo.

She made non specific, general statements. The onus is on you to refute them. Requesting citations is a means to shut down a conversation.

And to the points coming from out of nowhere. Just because a certain number of people believe something does not mean that idea is inherently a good one. Millions of people throughout history have shared ideas, beliefs, and ideological lenses. Be it national socialism, communism, racial superiority, class superiority, Scientology, Norse paganism or cargo cults — people can, and do, believe in absurd things en masse all of the time. If we measured inherent truth in the number of people who ascribe to a certain idea? Who wants to live in that world? I certainly do not.

And, for what it is worth — I’m not white knighting for Svetlana, saving some poor woman from attacks on the internet. She can and does defend herself quite ably.

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