Why Women Shouldn’t Have to Form Girl-Gangs to Deal with Dickheads on the Internet
Asher Wolf

And how do you propose that we who suffer this harassment and abuse “make the police deal with it”?

When I went to the police with a folder full of violent rape and death threats and some nasty little notes left in my mailbox, the first cop said “Just get offline then.” as if I was stupid. The second I spoke to said “Maybe you shouldn’t be so opinionated.” This from urban police in a capital city.

It’s all well and good to cite the laws on the books, but what use are they if the police dismiss women’s complaints and imply that somehow we are the cause of the abuse? Contact the Police Ombudsman — who has the time and sanity points to spend months trying to get someone to take it seriously?

Instead of criticising the ways often desperate women find to cope with an deeply entrenched problem that is frankly growing faster than anyone can track and focus on the way the system repeatedly fails us and ways that those in power can FIX that system, not lay it at the victim’s feet to “make the police deal with it”. I couldn’t make them listen to me, let alone deal with the problem.