Clinton Voters Need to Check Their Own Privilege

Right now my Facebook & twitter feed is loaded with this same sentiment, expressed in a variety of ways: If you voted for Trump, you are 1) a racist or 2) ok with racism and thus are just as bad or worse. Now, don’t get me wrong, unless the election was for inclusion on the sex offender registry, I’d never vote for Donald Trump. However, I believe in ideological consistency, and the fact it’s much easier to point fingers than look in a mirror. So let’s ask ourselves what a vote for Clinton might mean?

Does a vote for Clinton mean you hate Palestinian Human Rights, as she supports the Israeli occupation of the west bank?

Does a vote for Clinton mean you are a fan of a billion dollar weapons deal with Saudi Arabia, who beheads women for adultery? Does it mean you like that they are bombing Yemen right now with these planes? Do you like that before Clinton’s state dept. oversaw this deal, they donated millions to the Clinton foundation to secure political good graces?

Are you a huge fan of the Clinton backed overthrow of Zelaya, a democratically elected leader in Honduras, and the subsequent assassination of indigenous rights and environmental activists like Berta Caceres- who blamed Clinton exclusively for the coup? You must hate the environment and the indigenous!

Does a vote for Clinton mean you love the Iraq war? Never met a drone strike you didn’t like? Are we not hiding in our privilege to not consider those threatened by her consistent hawkishness?

Are you absolutely enamored with modern slavery in the form of sweat shops and international labor exploitation, made all the more accessible by neoliberal trade deals like NAFTA and the TPP? We know she was and we’re with her! Now let’s go to the mall!

Are you utterly enthralled by her declaration of Public & Private political positions and her general wooing of Wall Street? (Well this might not be fair, she did say she was performing a cutting from the film Lincoln, I do love me some impromptu improvisatory theater!)

Do you enjoy pay for play politics, revealed beyond the shadow of a doubt, through the Doug Band memos and and Huma “It’s her mess and she knows it” Abedin’s discussion of the meeting in Morocco? Do you praise her and Bill’s resourcefulness in generating a half a billion dollars in wealth without a single “job”?

Or maybe you, like a large majority of Trump voters, are forced in our political system to take what you like and leave the rest? After all, in a two party duopoly, we must take a rough average of our values, overlap them with a candidate, and are left with a venn diagram, some areas align, while others remain on the margins. So how much should we criticize voters for these margins? If Trump voters are at least enabling racism, Clinton voters, at the very least, are shielded by western privilege enough to ignore the vast amounts of suffering, in the wake of policies she has supported.