Kristi Coulter

This is a nice marriage of talking about drug usage and general modern stress but it’s just that and no more. I don’t think it’s really a viable theory as it’s far too general to really strike at truth. Binge drinking really points to seeking a pharmacological effect and men binge drink at twice the frequency of women. So if being shoved into the uncomfortable shape of gender roles fuels alcohol consumption, men have it much worse. But wait, economically disadvantaged drink more, but wait, the mentally ill drink the most… You cannot hypothesize on why anyone drinks until you know A LOT about them, much more than their gender. Numbness, social lubrication, even alcohol fueled fun and joy are sought for many reasons: a light escape, a respite from hallucinations etc. If you are being general you can only say the problem arises from being a human being on the planet, to divide the reason by strict genders is arbitrary and ultimately divisive, and really saying nothing.

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