The Reductive Seduction of Other People’s Problems
Courtney Martin

What about the reductive seduction of calling other people’s ambitions based upon reductive seductions? You think it’s fair to decry the reductive way in which we view far-away problems, yet have no problem with your reductive viewing of the enigma of the human mind and its ambitions? Who are you talking about? Some problems are solvable because of cultural/education/technological capital that outsider’s bring, some people want to work on solving problems abroad, and know they are complex, some countries are not as politically gridlocked on every issue as America is on Guns, like, perhaps, all of them. Sometimes complex problems do have a simple solution, once fresh eyes take a look. I just see this whole article as a pointless straw man takedown, and I’m not saying this because I feel personally offended, as I have never done work in other countries.

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