If you ever go to Asia (do not do this, it is too big, and trying to comprehend it will only convince you that your mind was never meant to really comprehend anything) and you want to put all the attention rightly back on yourself, the important American, here is a little trick you can use. First, be in one of the countries that makes really spicy food, and then performatively eat stupid amounts of it in front of everyone. Hurt yourself badly, but pretend like you do this all the time. Probably, everyone will laugh and someone will say, “Whoa! Usually Western people don’t like chilis.”
All Spicy Food Is From Latin America
Vincent Bevins

In my experience, as a white Canadian, when I tell people of colour that I like spicy food, every meal becomes a dare, effectively, “Let’s see if the white guy can handle THIS!”

Usually, I can.

Disclosure: I’m married to a West Indian.