The Value of Advisory Services

Written By: Madeline Reeves, Director of Business Development

Anyone who follows me on social media knows that I travel, a lot. Last year over one hundred thousand miles were logged while making my way across the country to various events and tradeshows. Even though it can be challenging to handle sometimes, there is nothing more rewarding than networking and connecting with accountants and advisors within the industry. Over the course of 2016, it became apparent to me that firms were asking the same questions,

“How do we implement advisory services within our practice?”

Firms have heard the echoing message that they need to make the move to the cloud and become a trusted advisor. It has been exciting to watch more and more accountants ride the wave of change, and adapt to the rapidly changing environment. However, it is one thing to tell accountants they need to focus towards the future, and it is another thing entirely to show them how they can get there. The more firms I have connected with, the more I have realized, we as vendors need to be going above and beyond to educate firms on the steps necessary to develop successful advisory practices.

At Fathom, we are designing solutions aimed towards accountants and advisors that are looking to grow beyond compliance relationships with their clients by taking the next step in elevating their advisory services. I am a firm believer in the value of our technology, but I have come to realize that without direction or instruction the features of Fathom are limited and firms do not understand how to leverage it to build better client relationships. As we wrapped up tradeshow season last year, I had a moment of realization,

We can’t just talk about being a trusted advisor, we need to be leading the industry, and showing firms how to become one.”

One of the greatest resources are at our fingertips: incredibly advanced accounting technology. Accountants from around the globe are leveraging technology within their practices to help automate and streamline their firms. The most valuable thing these firms can share, is what has helped them towards their success in the industry, and highlighting what other firms can do to reach their goals. We’ve decided to capitalize on the lessons we have learned from these firms, and deliver it out to the industry at large in the form of our new Accelerated Advisor education series.

This monthly series focuses on breaking down the barriers that firms face when it comes to implementing advisory services and growing long-term advisory relationships. From talking about how to structure initial client meetings, to hearing from the first-hand experience of industry leaders, to learning about what apps can facilitate an efficient workflow for your firm, we are focused on delivering the tangible steps and expertise needed to grow a successful advisory practice. The topics change each month to provide a strategy for you to follow in order to reach your optimal advisory firm. We encourage you to express what you want to learn from the Accelerated Advisor series so we can deepen the value and provide insights into what will benefit you in 2017.

Overall, we are looking to create educational content that has a lasting impact on the way you do business. If you’re interested in becoming an Accelerated Advisor in 2017, click here to find out more.

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