Day 28!

Thank you, thank you

February 28th

Finally! I’m very proud of myself for taking up this 28 days writing challenge because just before I did, I was afraid. Afraid that I might not be able to pull through, afraid that my unskilled writing would be read by some and see me as an amateur. Then I considered the things I might gain from the challenge. Fear is not an option; Something I read and decided to work with in this thing called life.

I remember writing a storybook at the age of 10. It was a writing notebook of 80 leaves, and I had a few chapters of different short stories. My dad read it and we talked about publishing it. I had wanted my friend who was extraordinarily talented with illustration to do my book cover. She used to write her own comics also. Somehow it never happened, and I went off to boarding school and the only time I got to write was in English class. I did very well but I wrote based on instruction so the only thing I had was my creativity.

I am grateful for life, for everything around me — people, situations, places that have inspired me to write every day for 24 days. I missed out a few days during the period of my cousin and friend’s wedding, even though I do not feel like I failed. It was time-consuming and crazy for me, but I was extremely overjoyed. I always say weddings are beautiful, but the celebration of two becoming one isn’t just about the festive days, it is about the years they would spend together lovingly giving life and raising their own family.

I have realized that writing everyday has made me observant. I see things through new eyes, I feel and smell and hear more than I used to ever do. There is a story in almost anything, you just have to know how to tell it. I have spent less time on social media, and I realized that there is actually more to life and this minute action we take for granted is a major distraction to humanity. As much as I love my timeline on twitter and get lost in Pinterest, we need to take a time-out every now and then.

I am always trying to improve my vocabulary, writing every day has made it easier because there are times you want to describe a feeling or a thing but you do not have the word for it. So you go looking for the perfect way to express yourself and you discover a new word.

Another discovery is my style of writing, ways I like to conclude, my strengths and weaknesses. And I plan to work on them, explore them, improve on them and fully experience every step of the way. I always had this thought in my head that even if I was the only one who liked what I wrote, then I’m fine. So you can imagine how amazed I was getting positive responses from some and also negative ones which are constructive criticisms.

To those who took out time to read, those who were around me while I was writing and had to be my editors, those who sent messages privately relating to something I wrote about, those who felt the need to tap me on the back to support and encourage me, to you I say a big thank you. I might not have a large readership or recommends on here, but each one of you have kept me going and I am utterly grateful for your time.

This challenge has taught me discipline, productivity and consistency. I have realized that to do something productively requires determination, effort and a little push from within. You are your own motivator before anyone else. Also writer’s block is just lack of focus and deep thinking, and you really need to write down whatever comes to head. Whenever I experience those golden moments of inspiration I pick up my phone and put it down, sometimes it is just one sentence but I do it anyway. These lessons can be applied to every aspect of your life.

Would I continue to write everyday? I don’t think so but I am definitely going to be writing more. This is a huge step and an upgrade for someone who refers to herself as a lazy writer, it is definitely an accomplishment.

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