To Those Who Passed Away

February 4th

Today is World Cancer Day.

To those who passed away.

A father, a mother, a sibling, a friend, a cousin.

I’m not going to say they lost their battle with cancer. It was never about winning. Would they have still been around if they had fought harder? No. It was the end of their time on earth, so they left.

Cancer is excruciating, but it never took away their bright smiles.

Cancer is vicious, but they laughed till their very last day.

Chemo might have altered their bodies physically, but it couldn’t dim the light of their inner beauty that shone through their eyes and smiles.

Their spirits were never broken. Cancer could never break that. Behind the painful experience you could see the strength, self confidence, and positivity.

We miss you, we wish you were here with us, we pray for you, it hurts. To honor you and the courageous lives you lived, we will continue to create awareness on cancer.

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