7 kinds of people you need to avoid at all costs

One day, we’ll talk about how Nigerians glorify entrepreneurship mainly because there are more horrible bosses than there are sane ones.

Entrepreneurship saves you from servitude and ‘being your own boss’ is low-key an euphemism for ‘nobody will treat you like a slave’.

But today isn’t the day we have that discussion. Today, we talk about the people/organizations to avoid at all costs, as a job seeker.

  1. Those who claim to be ‘dreamers’:

When you discuss with prospective employers and they have more to say about their dreams and aspirations than they do about their actual plans and accomplishments, flee!

Because of the reason mentioned above, a lot of people want to entrepreneur their way to the top not because they have any entrepreneurial skills, but because they are in love with the idea of entrepreneurship.

They tell you things like how they believe in Nigeria’s potential and so on. Blah bla blah.

‘Everybody here has faith in the company and in Nigeria’.

Well, if you join them, after the first month, your salary might be paid in faith only.

2. Organizations where all the staff are new:

It simply means they can’t get staffing right. The management is awful, the structure is nonexistent, administration is zero and the work conditions are horrible.

If you’re looking to join an organization because you want to build a career, ask yourself why there is no one who has done same within that organization.

Why is everyone just 9 months, 6 months or at most only a year old in that organization?

Even at the time you go for a chat with them, there’s probably no HR, ‘He/she’ just left us. Ask yourself why.

How come none of the people who crossed their threshold before you stayed? Why do people always move on from them? That wouldn’t happen if the organization is good and encourages growth.

3. If you’re a woman and your would-be boss, manager or HR makes inappropriate sexual jokes or comments while negotiation is still going on, well, I don’t need to say much, just go home and never look back. If you like yourself enough to not want to spend your employment there dodging dick, that is.

4. People who have a history of owing salaries and not paying on time.

If you’ve heard gist that a company pays late; almost at the end of another month, or that they owe for months at a time, you should just give them a wide berth.

True, you won’t know this before joining them, so research is really important. Ask questions. Ask people who know people who have worked there before.

5. It’s not advisable intern with people who are ALWAYS advertising for interns only:

Some organizations only ever advertise for interns and never full time roles/positions.

The scam is, because they don’t pay interns, or they pay a stipend, they save a shitload of money by running their organizations on internships alone.

So the title is intern but you actually end up doing the job of one or two full time staff.

It may sound wild, but ask around, there are organizations like this. Only three full staff, every other person is an ‘intern’.

Please shine your eyes.

6. I’m only going to say this once: beware of sole proprietorships.

You see those organizations where the founder is the supreme leader there, think long and hard before you take up employment with them.

An organization where there’s no board of directors or where the husband is Chairman and the wife is Managing Director, be prepared for anyhowness.

Many of these people run the company and their employees on a whim, and make serious decisions based on emotions.

What’s more, wife (MD) can hire you today while husband (Chairman) can fire you tomorrow. It’s wild.

They also tell you work hours is 8–5 but it’s actually 8-whenever oga leaves the office. It’s an unwritten rule that you can’t leave the office before oga or madam.

So when you finally leave at 8:30 pm, you go and start hustling for bus to get home while oga/madam who didn’t let you leave at your closing time get chauffeured home.

If you’re lucky, you won’t run personal errands for the boss. Some people have had to type projects and term papers for their boss’ children. Some have had to go deliver the boss’ clothes to tailor. Some have even had to go to the market for their bosses.

‘One man businesses’ can be guilty of running it like a household and not as a proper organization. After all, its solely their business. But it’s also your life and you deserve better.

7. If the offer seems too good to be true, double check, it probably is.

Yes, miracles happen and you may get a job that pays thrice your current job, but miracles aren’t a dime a dozen, so you need to check, re-check and double check.

An organization may offer you a great salary and nice benefits like a car. Before you start singing the Hallelujah chorus, before you ask your current employers to kiss your behind, please, ask questions.

Some organizations use this sizable salary. and juicy benefits to lure you away and trap you. After poaching, the tune changes.

It may be that they’ll pay promptly for the first three months, but after that, voicemail. You start hearing stories upon stories as to why money is scarce and they aren’t able to pay on time.

So if they gave you a car, you’ll just be driving fine car around but you’ll be barely able to fuel it because they haven’t paid in the last three months.

Or, after three months, they tell you business is bad and that they have to reduce pays. Snip snip! 50k off your lump salary. In another three months, same format again, until the juicy, attractive salary starts looking like uni CGPA.

Yes, Nigeria is hard and that is why you shouldn’t even make it harder on yourself by taking up employment with people who are determined to cheat you, kill you or both.

I know it sounds idealistic, but when job hunting, don’t make decisions based on your current situation. The fact that you’re unemployed at the moment doesn’t mean you should settle for offers that are similar to slavery.

Think it through, do your research, weigh your options carefully and above all, pray for divine guidance.



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