People will try to play you
Don't in turn, play yourself.

Know your place, and stay there.

Of course, words don't mean shit,
But they also mean as much as they don't.


Don't go assuming she's your lover/girlfriend cos
'She knows I like her nau'.

Don't go calling someone your dear friend
When to them you're basically just famzing.

Know the difference between acquaintances and friends.

Don't think he's your man just because you've been enjoying each others company and body for a few months, or years, or decades.

Don't assume she's your fiance when she hasn't said she wants to marry you.

If you've been doing wolè wòde for a while, meeting each other's 'people', yet you don't know what you have, just that you have a 'thing', brother and aunty, sit down one day and have a discussion about it.

It's may be all bants, or a phase to one party, while the other is choosing baby names already.

Friend, foe, lover, sister, brother or whatever. Know what you are, where you stand.

Know your place, and stay there.

People will outgrow you, people will have no need for you anymore at some point, people will want you for a time and then want others at other times.

And that's okay, that's life.

But don't play yourself.

Don't struggle to enter another level WITH someone when they've already left you behind and gone on on their own.

People will try to play you, don't assist them by setting yourself up.

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