Going the #extra mile by dropping your cover letter and resume to companies and try to get an interview call

Going extramile always proves that we are doing something more than needed to prove our passion towards our goal. Also it makes the recruiter think that this is really serious about this job.

So this project includes the in-person drop of resume and cover letter and for this we have to be equipped fully i.e. have our resume, cover letter, professional dressing etc. Also we have to exercise our elevator pitch.

So I prepare myself for the vacancy in TCS. I just reached their office at Durand road. At reception I have asked for the HR office but they said that the HR manager MR. Fahad is not present at current and he will might come after 2–3 hours. I waited for 1 hour there and got very hopeless also I was very nervous about in person drop cv. After 2 hours I see my class fellow of 10th standard, she came to greet me and ask my purpose of waiting and luckily she was also in operations department where I was applying for job. I than told her the whole thing and she told me to wait for 10 minutes. After 5 minutes she came again and take me with her to the head of finance department and told me that he can help me.

I explained him the whole thing about my in person drop CV as well as cover letter and at the spot he has taken my interview and asked me about my career and long term goals. He then told me that he is taking first interview of candidates but due to my friend he is taking my interview without calling and then there is panel interview which includes the HR manager as well as head of two more departments. He then told me that he will inform me till next week for the next interview.

I than got his email address and wrote a thank you email after coming from interview. Here are some things which I learned from this project:

1. The other person really got impressed by your extra effort.

2. I was very confused at first and much feared but as the time passes I got relaxed and overcome my nervousness through breathing exercises.

3. I will try to be more confident the very next time as I have practiced my first time.

4. I got lucky that I have found my friend there, otherwise might be I don’t get to see the Head of finance department.

5. I would love to post pictures here but they are all weird selfies with my friend and I will also make sure to take a reasonable picture next time.

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