“Kindness” is as word indicate shows softness or like softness in one’s heart for others i.e. the person is kind to others. He is helping others like through money, through humanly effort, through compliments etc. As it is a quote “one small act of kindness is a one giant leap for humanity” e.g. if you sow a seed today and gives it water ultimately it will turn into a big tree after some time.

To experience kindness we are given the task of showing random act of kindness within twenty four hours. So they are as follows:

1. We are all students including my mother in my family so I cook food for her even though I really don’t like cooking but for my mother I did and my mother got very happy.

2. My brother was upset because due to restore settings all his games were lost so I downloaded some games and put them in his computer.

3. My maid has to go to wedding function and her son had broken her foundation bottle so I decided to purchase it for her.

4. The very same day when I gather with my group for Fund’s collection, I helped two girls who came to PU for their admission.

5. This was unconscious act of kindness. Later at night I helped my cousin with subject selection along with guide her according to her areas of interest.

So this is all for kindness. The compliment from my mother really made my day although I have only made a simple dish and the smile on my brother’s face urges me to help other’s more. After practicing such acts you feel refreshed and contended that you have at least done something good. This thing will also help in teamwork as by showing small acts of kindness you encourage your team workers to also done some kindness acts. It will make team more unite.

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