Dreams of the Arab spring dashed as all flee!

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Uprisings take place day by day not only on grounds but also in heart. The state of humanity become degrading every second in the universe through the fast-paced technological advanced spectrum and what can be described as man-made destructive methods of abusing power. History can no longer be seen as anything, but that it repeats itself and the only common factor the people may share is to be silent about hope because it became something of absurd naivety!

Daily massacres, mass-killings, genocides, suppression and ongoing corruption will continue to prevail bit by bit throughout the world causing a an uncontrolled chaos created by man alone that would never under any jurisdiction be reversed. The Arab spring was a big dream to many third-world countries and it went down a darker spiral as corruptions conquered every scream of humanity.

The brutality of deteriorating circumstances of each country in the Arab region brought no other solutions but to leave and never come back. The stories of many Arab families that lost not only members of their families but also a right to live, patriotism, the voice to speak, their dreams, and most of all their humanity as they became by time lifeless souls who aims just to breathe no more!

Common aspects that act as triggers that pushed the loyal citizens out their countries included; corrupt politicians, deterrent laws, injustice, poverty, unemployment, cold and civil wars, proxy wars, dysfunctional system, and inequality.


It is trivial to admit that Lebanese youth are feeling their country once again, after the civil war that took place 25 years ago, for practically reasons they never thought they would grow up to! Endemic corruption and failed promises continue to take place with no attempts to a promising future was the major reason that made Lebanese youth refugees from their own homes.

“ Nobody wants to stay in Lebanon it’s a miserable life!” said a driver in Tripoli whose son travelled to Sweden

The once known “The Bride of the Arab world” has become a traumatic disappointment for many with the rising unemployment rates which reached a peak more than 50% according to Tripoli’s local mayor and poverty ; which pushed many Lebanese to travel illegally as the first preach Turkey in a legal way and then connect with smugglers in Izmir who would put them in small Zodiac boats and sail to the nearest Greek island, refugees have to then jump in the water and swim for a certain distance and then travel to Athens and on to Sweden or Germany along established refugee trails.

Many concrete elements work to form this traumatic disintegration not only in Lebanon but also in the region! Lebanon has been without a president since May of last year, and with regional cold war between inner factions that are backed up by Iran and Saudi Arabia ; one can think of no other than a challenging mission that requires more than changing a corrupt government by loyal citizens.

Not only the fact, that Hezboallah controls Lebanon’s defense and foreign policy and managed to support Bashar Al Assad’s regime from a long-lasting civil war , will act as a dynamic pointless lope to resolution, but the fact that politicians are not presenting the people that they are supposed to be presenting is also a great factor that will make any human mind surrender in the name of sanity !


Words always run out when we try to describe the complexity of the Syrian crisis and dialogues, peace and policy makers, conventions in Geneva always failed to reach a resolution in Syria. As Syrian mark the highest refugee ranking in the past two years, starvation worked as a crucial weapon of war in Syria.

In 2012 many Syrians fled the country in efforts to escape massacres and mass destruction, ISIS, proxy wars that led to the loss of Syrian identity. They first spread in Arab countries and when they felt unwelcomed they started to take a route to Europe. Some Arab countries refused to intake Syrian refugees or in other words worked as another major factor to get them travelling again; Such as Egypt. There were about 350,000 refugees present in Egypt five years ago and when president Sessi came to power the number decreased to 120,000 refugees. Causes varied between bureaucratic regulatory procedures and laws that were put on foreign refugees in efforts to combat terrorism in the area which basically put anyone as suspect!

Syrians would live in moderate apartments in downtown Cairo and would try to reach smugglers through their Syrian community in Alexandria. The process of migration is rather inhumane but as the only solution; smugglers would place Syrians in a storage room until they reach a certain number before they take the seas and after they guarantee their consistent travel fee which is around $ 2000 per person.

“People come to us and are ready to pay whatever money they have in order for us to just get them out of here in any possible way!” said one travel agent.

Things may start to take a different drift ever since the European Union and Turkey had a deal to return refugee who fled the country and also the fact that Serbia and Hungarian has decided to shut down their borders once they reach a limited number of refugees.


It became of basic concept that Palestine is no longer recognized as a state from decades and decades ago but one might recognize that fact that they are the most unlucky refugees in the Arab world. Palestinians from both Syria and Lebanon often attempt a direct route from Tripoli to Europe since they have hardships in obtaining visas to Turkey and get arrested by local authorities in many occasions. Some Palestinian officials have also asserted that thousands have dies at sea!


The Egyptian National Center for Social Studies and Research has conducted a recent stud stating the increasing number of illegal immigrants leaving Egypt. Those citizens mainly include children and others in their twenties. It is also said that the National Committee of Combating Immigration has a strategic plan to handle the issue between 2016- 2018. The question here is, will those resolutions effectively tackle the causes behind Egyptians leaving or will it work on forcibly banning Egyptians from leaving borders? The military led government has left few hopes of a better living and as domestic problems and suppressive laws continue to be on the rise; you can never fail to notice the denial of citizen right which made many Egyptians lose a sense of belonging to their home and only live to conduct their daily routinely lives. Leaving youth with a political asylum as the only way out! The political discourse will forever be divided in Egypt between Islamist and military fascists.

Reference: Information collected from wide variety of research and new entities such as The Guardian

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