Apps that let you save and access several copied items in your clipboard

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If you copy and paste words several times a day, then chances are that you need some help. Have you copied something important and then after you copied something else, that important part that you copied earlier was lost? If that is the case, let me tell you about some really great apps that can help you feel more relaxed and work better along the way. These apps are ways for you to copy and paste many items and refer back to your clipboard history later on without having to open so many unnecessary text files where you want to save your important copies.

These types of apps are called clipboard managers. They are handy pieces of software that are usually lightweight and easy to use. All you need to do is install any of your choice and launch that in the background. It will then start to index new items that you copy. Then you will be able to paste any of them in any text field you like.

The ones that I have had the chance to use and recommend you to checkout are Ditto for Windows, Jumpcut for Mac OS X and CopyQ for Linux.

Ditto is one of the best clipboard manager that I have ever used. It is easy to use and comes with the opportunity to even copy and paste images.

Jumpcut is an old application for Mac OS X that is no longer being updated, but is still really good. It allows you to store and easily retrieve 40+ copied or cut things from your clipboard.

CopyQ is a helpful application for Linux based operating systems that lets you search, edit and quickly access your clipboard history.

All of them have shortcuts that you can use to access your clipboard history whenever you want.

If you copy and paste many times a day, then chances are that you may increase your productivity by getting a clipboard manager. The list above is only a suggestion of some of the applications that I have tested, but it doesn’t mean that you have to stick to any of them. If you find any other better alternative, please do not hesitate to inform me.