Learning as a new way of procrastination

Img source: superiorlearning.ca

We live in an area when it is easier to find information than to go out and buy at a local market nearby. Although it sounds fascinating, this has come to us as a cost: We are only learning new things, and getting new information, but hesitate and procrastinate from the actual work. Before you move on to read this article, let me ask you something: Why are you reading this? Is this article something that is really interesting for you to read, or why are you still here? Honestly speaking, there are times that we are only trying to busy ourselves with other things as an excuse for not taking action.

There are so many things to learn, so many courses and specializations you simply do not have enough time to invest. Even though we could attend every course in the world, they would not make much of a difference unless we are willing to apply what we learn. Learning is not something that will magically improve the quality of our lives. Information that we hold on our brains will not be of any benefit to us unless we are willing to take the effort to apply what we have already learned.

When you are going to take action, you will have the chance to learn a lot from your own experiences. There is usually a whole new level of understanding when we get ourselves involved in real life problems and try to step out of our comfort zone. That is when we build confidence and train ourselves for the future.

I do agree that there are things that you simply are curious to read and learn, but most of the time we are supposed to learn something that we intend to apply. However, a question that we should frequently ask ourselves is: Are we learning because we need new knowledge, ideas, suggestions to work, or are we simply using learning as a means of hiding from taking action, which is the crucial part of the action?

Of course, you can also like reading fiction, as you find yourself benefiting from that type of reading, as it might be beneficial for adding new words to your vocabulary, improving your communication skills, or you simply enjoy going through different experiences. However, do not forget that people who have been able to reach remarkable goals prefer reading as a way of learning rather as a way of entertainment. You might still continue to read fiction for pleasure, but it is better to read more with the intention of learning more and applying what we learn.


This article will also not be beneficial for you unless you use it as a reminder to practice what you just read. From now on, try to apply the things that you learn, because only those that take action will be able to reach the goals that they envision. Only those that apply what they already know, learn new things and apply them as well will be able to reach the goals that their peers are simply dreaming of. Learning is very important, but applying what you learn is what makes the real difference.