Write about things that you are grateful for and revisit it each time you feel bad

Img source: chicagonk.com

We all have our difficult times, when we feel not that good. These problems tend to take a lot of our attention that we suddenly forget all the other great opportunities that we possess. Our head is mostly filled with these dark opinions about how unfortunate we are and then we try to recall other periods in our lives when we were going through tough times too. It is difficult to become aware that these problems are usually temporary and that a way to overcome them is most definitely nearby.

One way to overcome those difficult times is by becoming aware of all the good things and experiences that we are privileged to enjoy in our day-to-day lives. When we feel a true sense of gratefulness about everything that we have, we feel less pain and more positive emotions. I am not saying that we should not deal with the problems that we have. In fact, I am suggesting the contrary: To deal with them by first having a sense of gratefulness about all the things that we have. Then, having a sense of gratitude about the opportunity to become better at doing your job or at your roles by facing this problem and solving it.

Writing a few things that we are grateful for and truly feel a sense of thankfulness is another thing that can make you feel better. I would encourage you to journal in the morning about all the good things that you have or in the evening about all the amazing moments that you experienced throughout the day.

Then, when tough times come, you can refer back to your journal to read the previous journal entries and help yourself in such rough situations. When you feel energized and are in a more appropriate state, you are more likely to succeed in solving your problems and making breakthroughs.

Your energy flows towards the things that you pay attention to. When you focus only on the terrible things that happen, you are likely to feel less energy and be more anxious during the day. Rather than blaming others about your problems and thinking that you are not supposed to go through such tough times, change your perspective of viewing. Do not see this as a problem, but as a meaningful opportunity for you to learn something new and grow.