Only writing can do that — a reminder to do the real work

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I like playing basketball, but even if I wear Air Jordans, I would still not be able to dunk like Michael Jordan. I would neither be able to score three shots like Stephen Curry simply by wearing Under Armours.

That is also the case with writing.

A lot of top writers have not become so skillful at their craft based on using the most advanced and highest rated applications.

Still, we are constantly being bombarded by thousands of tools and apps that try to attract us to use them, that we are even faced with dilemmas about which tool we should choose. …

Being a great engineer is so much more than syntax

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You move to a new city and you don’t know where the nearest grocery store is.

You don’t beat yourself up — it’s normal. You just use Google Maps to find it.

After you’ve been there several times, it’s highly likely that you won’t need to use Google Maps.

It’s the same with other places, like the nearest restaurant, or sports center — at first, you perhaps need to use Google Maps, then you learn the locations yourself and no longer need to use it.

You learn them but it’s not that you’re intentionally trying to memorize every road, every possible path to a certain destination. …

Awesome Autocomplete for GitHub, GitHunt, and more

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GitHub is one of the most popular version-control repositories. In it, you can find countless public projects in many programming languages.

You can use it to share your work, collaborating with your team members and others. You can also use it to learn from some of the most used open-source libraries in countless software projects and have the chance to contribute to them. Although we may use it several times throughout the week, there are many ways we can benefit even more from it.

Here’s a list to help with that.

Awesome Autocomplete for GitHub

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One of the most helpful things in any search form is the autocomplete feature, which helps you with many suggestions. It helps you save up time writing — but can also give you clues for search queries you may not have thought of. …

Using basic authentication

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You may have cases when you may need to do some authorizations for certain pages so they can’t be accessed by unauthorized clients. There are many authorization methods you can use in a Ruby on Rails application.

In this article, I’ll mention one very simple (yet not so famous) method that comes implemented and ready to be used each time you create a new Rails application.

ActionController::HttpAuthentication::Basic has a method called http_basic_authenticate_with that you usually need to invoke in the top lines of your controller.

Rails is an open-source framework, so we’re thankfully able to see the implementation and the work that’s being done by this…

Using the Code Medium Chrome and Firefox extension

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Medium is a great place to write. You get to publish your articles and reach a large audience. It’s especially good for developers, who are active and like reading about programming topics.

If you are an author on Medium writing about technology and programming, the chances are that you will need to insert code snippets that are syntax highlighted and formatted by inserting them from GitHub Gists.

You want your code to look pretty here — just as it looks in your favorite editor.

The process of inserting a code snippet on a Medium is long and tedious. You need to go to the GitHub gist and write the code. …

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If you are living on the 10th floor of a building, are you going to take the stairs or use the elevator?

The goal in both cases is the same: You want to go back to your apartment after a long day at work.

Of course, taking the stairs is better if you are a busy person who doesn’t have time to go to the gym and wants to use the stairs as a simplified version of the cardio exercises. But, aside from that, you are more likely to take the elevator.

Let’s take another example.

Let’s say that you are trying to go to your workplace. It takes you 10 minutes by car when there are no traffic jams and 50 minutes walking. …

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About 40 to 45 percent of what we programmers do every day is something we do on autopilot: brushing our teeth, getting a cup of coffee in the morning, opening our emails the moment we sit at our work desk, and many other things.

These habits save us a lot of time and energy in our day-to-day lives and are very important for the overall quality and achievement of our daily tasks.

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has the habit of wearing the same clothes to work every day, as he notices it helps him save up energy. “I’m in this really lucky position, where I get to wake up every day and help serve more than a billion people. …

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Einstein was a genius and one of the greatest scientists ever to live. In 1905, he published four scientific articles that laid the foundation of modern physics, changing views on space, time, mass, and energy. After making his name with these four articles, he went on to win a Nobel Prize in 1921 for his explanation of the phenomenon known as the photoelectric effect.

We can all learn from Einstein’s life, especially his ways of working and learning. Even though we may not all be a genius of Einstein’s caliber, there are still some patterns that can be emulated across multiple fields of study, especially in software development. …

Help your users ensure the security of their accounts

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Photo by Shane Avery on Unsplash.

Passwords are one of the most common ways we access our digital accounts. Having secure passwords is crucial and represents one of the most important aspects that we need to pay attention to. As developers, we also need to make sure that we provide our services with a high level of security.

In 2017, the NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology) recommended checking user passwords against existing public breaches of data. Fortunately, there exists an API that allows you to do that really easily.

The Pwned Passwords API is a service that you can use to check whether a password has been exposed as part of a number of data breaches that have occurred in the past. This data contains more than 500 million passwords that have been used before. …

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Probably most of us have been in a situation in which we have sent an email that we did not want to send. We might have not finished formatting, or double-checking it before the actual sending process, but we hit the Send button.

Most of the times, it can be unintentionally, and as a result, we may write one or two PS follow-ups as replies to that email, adding or sending clarifications about certain things that have been mentioned in that email. …

As our app grows, sometimes we have to refactor our admin interfaces too

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I was recently using Active Admin and came up with a particular case where the index page for a particular resource was loading really slowly. After trying to search up and down, trying to figure out what was the issue, I finally found that the issue was with a filter.

To explain it a little bit more clearly, let us suppose that we have a particular case where you have a project in which a client has many transactions and we have hundreds of thousands of transactions.

Now, due to the fact that we have a client with so many transactions, getting all these records each time you visit the index page of the client takes a lot of time. On the index page, you may have many filters, where a filter can be used to filter clients based on the transactions. …

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Img source:

Hello world!

One of the first things that you are instructed to do when you start to learn to program, or when you are simply learning a new programming language, is doing something really simple. One of the first steps that you do is print a simple text. As you are reading this, you probably may know which text is the most common and the one that I am referring to.

The text that I am talking about is Hello World.

This text is supposed to be for you as a way of greeting the world as you have just embarked on an important journey. …

The humble YouTube star is giving away millions in sponsorship money — and people are loving him for it

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In January 2018, Jimmy Donaldson, better known as Mr. Beast, had around two million subscribers. At the time of this writing, he has more than 24 million subscribers.

The 21-year-old does not come from a rich family but has already donated more than a million dollars to random strangers, friends, and family.

Having reached more than three billion views, he is known as the largest philanthropist on YouTube. He gives almost all of his money away. Here are the titles of some of his videos:

  • Tipping Uber Drivers $10,000
  • Ordering Water Then Tipping $30,000
  • Tipping Pizza Delivery Guys $10,000
  • Giving $100,000 to a Homeless…

Have a lot of fun and help millions of people along the way

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October is a month of celebration of open-source software, also known with another title Hacktoberfest.

In order to invite others to have an impact through their work, Ovio curated a collection of social impact projects for you to contribute to.

Here is a list of those projects that you can immediately help and impact lives with your work.

Open Machine Learning

This repository belongs to OpenML, which is an online machine learning platform for sharing and organizing data, machine learning algorithms and experiments.

As machine learning is enhancing our ability to understand nature and build a better future, it is crucial that we make it transparent and easily accessible to everyone in research, education and industry. …

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This is part six of these short snippets. Here are part one, part two, part three, part four, and part five.

107. similarity

This snippet can be used to return an array of elements that appear in two arrays.

108. sleep

This snippet can be used to delay the execution of an asynchronous function by putting it into sleep.

109. smoothScroll

This snippet can be used to smoothly scroll the element on which it is called into the visible area of the browser window.

110. sortCharactersInString

This snippet can be used to alphabetically sort the characters in a string.

111. splitLines

This snippet can be used to split a multi-line string into an array of lines. …

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This is part five of these short snippets. There is one part remaining. Here are part one, part two, part three, and part four.

85. minN

This snippet returns the n smallest elements from a list. If n is greater than or equal to the list’s length, then it will return the original list (sorted in ascending order).

86. negate

This snippet can be used to apply the not operator (!) to a predicate function with its arguments.

87. nodeListToArray

This snippet can be used to convert a nodeList to an array.

88. pad

This snippet can be used to pad a string on both sides with a specified character if it is shorter than the specified length. …

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This is part four of these short snippets. There are two other parts remaining. Here are part one, part two, and part three.

64. isBrowser

This snippet can be used to determine whether the current runtime environment is a browser. This is helpful for avoiding errors when running front-end modules on the server (Node).

65. isBrowserTabFocused

This snippet can be used to determine whether the browser tab is focused.

66. isLowerCase

This snippet can be used to determine whether a string is lower case.

67. isNil

This snippet can be used to check whether a value is null or undefined.

68. isNull

This snippet can be used to check whether a value is null. …

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This is part three of these short snippets. There are three other parts remaining. Here are part one and part two.

43. Get Time From Date

This snippet can be used to get the time from a Date object as a string.

44. Get Days Between Dates

This snippet can be used to find the difference in days between two dates.

45. getStyle

This snippet can be used to get the value of a CSS rule for a particular element.

46. getType

This snippet can be used to get the type of a value.

47. hasClass

This snippet checks whether an element has a particular class.

48. head

This snippet returns the head of a list. …

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This is part two of this series with helpful JavaScript snippets you can learn in 30 seconds or less. You can find part one here.

22. deepFlatten

This snippet flattens an array recursively.

23. default

This snippet assigns default values for all properties in an object that are undefined.

24. defer

This snippet delays the execution of a function until the current call stack is cleared.

25. degreesToRads

This code snippet can be used to convert a value from degrees to radians.

26. difference

This snippet finds the difference between two arrays.

27. differenceBy

This method returns the difference between two arrays, after applying a given function to each element of both lists. …

JavaScript is one of the most popular languages you can learn

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JavaScript is one of the most popular languages you can learn. As many people say: “If you’re going to learn just one programming language, go for JavaScript.”

Quincy Larson, the founder of FreeCodeCamp, was asked in a recent interview which language developers should learn first. He answered: “JavaScript.”:

“Software is eating the world, and JavaScript is eating software. JavaScript is becoming more dominant with each year, and nobody knows what might eventually replace it.

If you don’t have a very good reason to learn a new language (such as your job requiring you to maintain a non-JavaScript codebase), my humble advice is to focus on getting better at JavaScript.” …

What to say when they say, “Do you have any questions for me?”

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You’ll go through at least one interview, and probably more before you get an offer from a tech company.

You’ll be asked about your experience, your reasons for looking for another job, the expectations you may have from your new job.

Based on your experience, performance in your coding interview, and the meetings that you’ve had with HR and hiring managers, you may get different offers.

You can increase the chances of getting an offer, and make that offer better, by asking your recruiters questions.

Wait, but Why?

Asking good questions is really important, as it shows your recruiters that you really care about the job. …

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There are just too many things that we can do right now.

It is up to us to decide which things need our immediate attention, and how we can discard everything else from our attention.

At least for the time being, as it is just more productive and better for our own sanity.

It is physically impossible for us to be in New York and in Singapore at the same time.

We all know and full-heartedly admit that. Still, when it comes to our goals, and the things we want in life, we simply tend to forget exactly that.

Or at least we are not aware that we are even doing it. …

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There are so many things that we can learn, and so many resources that we can choose to learn from. This makes it really challenging to choose the right resources that can help us get better jobs, or improve our careers in general.

Udacity offers many nano-degrees that we can use to level up our careers with courses that are organized and prepared to help us progress from a beginner level to a more advanced one with quality content.

Students who manage to finish the projects get the degree and are guaranteed to get a job related to the degree. If you cannot afford to pay for these nano degrees, fortunately, you can still attend many of the courses that belong to these nano degrees, without having to pay anything. …

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Python represents one of the most popular languages that many people use it in data science and machine learning, web development, scripting, automation, etc.

Part of the reason for this popularity is its simplicity and easiness to learn it.

If you are reading this, then it is highly likely that you already use Python or at least have an interest in it.

In this article, we will briefly see 30 short code snippets that you can understand and learn in 30 seconds or less.

1. All unique

The following method checks whether the given list has duplicate elements. …

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GitHub is widely known as one of the most famous version control repositories. In it, you can find almost countless public projects in many programming languages. It makes it easy for you to collaborate with your team members and fellow developers around the globe. Together, you can learn from and also contribute to these projects.

One great thing about GitHub is that you can also use it as a search engine to find great projects and resources that you can benefit from.

Many teachers or technical instructors use it to publish their courses, including the course notes, assignments, slides and other materials that can be used by students. …


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