AI#4 Museum Visit 1


This is my first time to visit National Museum after my 20 years of existence. I am not not fan of paintings and sculpture, but I think this will be the start. Together with my boyfriend, his brother and my brother (ITS THEIR FIRST TIME, TOO) we go to Museum last Saturday, February 11, 2017. As I mentioned above, I feel sad and the same time pity myself for not giving a chance to allow myself to visit in this breathtaking view and of course, to all children and youth who don’t give a chance to National Museum that its something worth to be proud of, our own art. Based on the survey that i heard, 500,000/year (including tourism and foreigners). Imagine that small number compare to the population of Manila, 1. 652 million (wala pa sa kalahati). Anyway, let me first start introducing what I got and caught my attention.


1. Give and Let Live (1974)

Edgar Talusan Fernandez

Acrylic on Canvas

It looks like an empty shelves on the right then, on the left, was a part of house which was ruined. What is good about it, the incompleteness or the emptiness makes more beautiful.”

2. Landscape (1984)

Norberto Carating

Acrylic on Lawanit Canvas

I don’t know why the title is “landscape” although the painting was not in the ‘landscape’ form then I realized that maybe the painter trying to say LAND-ESCAPE, since 1986 was part regime of Marcos wherein people would like to escape from his reign. The middle of the painting was color red, which indicate blood and the side were plants so I think escaping from death was trying to convey of this message.

3. Portrain of Lucio lldefonso, Philippine Consul in Hong Kong, with Alexandra Tagle lldefonso and their children (1936)

Diosdado M. Lorenzo

Acrylic in Canvas

When I first saw this picture, this would be my ‘supposed to be’ family picture. We are 8 in family, composing 3 girls and 3 boys. However, the last one was died. I think she is also a girl same in this picture, we named her Grace since we already have Faith (it’s me), Hope, Love, Joy and Gospel then last, Grace.

4. For Therese (1975)

Emilio Aguilar Cruz

Oil in Canvas

This caught my attention. I feel it was me on the picture. I read the story behind this and its funny. From other point of view, it looks like a depress or sad woman but actually she just playing with her hair.

5. Superstition (1982)

Cesar T, Legazpi

Oil in Canvas

Superstition is a belief or way of behavior based on luck or sometimes fear. I was also become victim of the superstition since my grandparents were too traditional. However, same as man in this picture, I feel that I was against with this kind of belief . However, as day pass by, you cannot longer to remove it in your life since its become habitual and already touch the deepest core of your values.

6. Hills of Nikko (1964)

Jose T. Joya

Oil in Canvas

This is the most beautiful artwork that I’ve ever seen in the museum. The reason was nothing. I just really love the combination of the color, how the lines stroke and everything. I feel that this painting is somewhat I saw in my mind every time that I am disturbed or in wary. I think the message of this painting is that whatever may happen, even it is full of chaos and dramatic catastrophe, always look on the right and bright side.

7. Untitled (1993)

Pablo Baens Santos

Oil in Canvas

I don’t know if it is intention of the painter to named it ‘untitled”. The girl nor boy was the center of the painting but the people behind him/her was against in his/her perspective. People nowadays especially youth was spending time contemplating about themselves than entangled in the social and political issues. It becomes self-centered wherein his/her thought was only thing exist and centered of his/her life. On the other hand, I think its trying to convey that people trying to reach out to those people in need, but in reality, its just in front of them.

8. Nude in front of the Mirror (1970)

Emilio Aguilar Cruz

Oil in Canvas

I love this picture because the message (in my own opinion) was too deep. This is timely for the youth nowadays. The ‘nude’ is not what literally mean, but how liberal and vulgar the women in our generation. Searching lost herself, even how open they are in the public or in the society, how they gave themselves in others, and show their ‘all’ just to find the answer, still everything she had done was meaningless. She even forget herself.