Midterm: #ARTFAIR2017


Out of 40 exhibitors, this one is my favorite.


This is one of the best I saw in the ArtFair. I don’t know why but there’s something deep message behind those arts. The theme focus on “SELF”, all the pictures shown were different kind of people, but take note, the art tackles some social issues while describing the subject. I really feel the ambiance of that gallery until now, I feel ‘pain’, ‘broken’ and ‘hatred inside although arts were colorful and lively. Its very simple and approachable, its not complicated comparing to the nearby galleries. Maybe because artist used known colors (yellow, pink, red, black and etc.) in describing the ‘self’. For example, pink, describe youthful or black as hatred. In addition, artist also used simple characters which can be classified as real and cartoons, that’s why its is more appealing to the audience (majority were youths) and can really related to all arts presented in the Secret Fresh gallery. Oh! maybe ‘Secret Fresh’ has a meaning too, I think that ‘secret’ stands for dark or hidden negative emotions or agenda and ‘fresh’ stands for young or youth. What do you think?


Mixed Media on Canvas

A. “AKOAKO” by Lynyrd Paras X Yeo Kaa

This picture is so vulnerable. This art tackle one of the rampant issues, suicide. I think the girl would like to kill herself (positive) which was not really she is. On the other hand, it can posit that the ‘positive’ was already dead or give up since she already reach her limitation that’s why the color is black which means emptiness and her body was shattered depicts that she was broken. The ‘negative’ self who standing beside who holding to the ‘positive’ could mean that she was reminiscing on how she end up like that. Moreover, the fact that the girl was nude, it could also symbolize that there is no something to hide to herself and to the audience (me). TOO DEEP.

B. ”SELF” by Lynyrd Paras

The first words that comes form my mind was “woooo!Girl Power.” Anyway, this picture shows ‘hatred’ on the part of the women. The aura of the women here was strong which helps to depict that her personality was also brave although she looks so common. Well, I think that this picture shows that man is not her weakness or man is nothing. She will not be submissive just like the normal women do. The only thing that can defeat her is death (the fact that the man holding Skull which symbolize death) which was not brushed off in the picture.

C. “LAMAN SA LOOB” by Lynyrd Paras

These arts were so amazing. The artist reveal the true message behind on the simple art. For example, the man with a eyeglass and her scattered mouth (I think its a trash because it looks a garbage tank).This art tells that some of the people talk about trash or nonsense. In addition, it could also depicts that man has a dirty mouth that tell nothing but bad words and criticism to others.

OTHERS: From 40 exhibitors.


If all the art in the ArtFair were paintings, drawings, sculpture made of woods, and media art, this art were the unusual art from all. This art made the gallery with the ambiance of elegant or elite. Well, I think this art is for middle class since the texture and design was appealing to middle-class people. I don’t think that marginalized people would want it for display. This art is for those people can make maintenance and place which is wide and less people place.

Fourth Dimension by Ramon Orlina


These art tackles human nature. Well, there is something similarity on the other arts showed in the ArtFair since just like the others, they used abstract to describe the point of view of the art. However, in this art, the i feel something odd so in my opinion, the gallery has a theme of native beliefs. It was also obvious in the color used of the artist, dark colors, dirty colors or lifeless colors to make it something old. What is difference from nearby galleries is that, in their art, their is combination of real object.

A. FREE FORM BEGINNER by: Louie Cordero (Acrylic on canvas)

B. IN THE NAME OF THE FATHER #3 by: Jonathan Ching (Oil in Canvas & Brass Flowers)

C.Sanib by: Anton Mallari (Oil and acrylic on canvas)

Kaida Contemporary

I had a second thought if this is an art since in this gallery, it displays mostly old things (see pictures below). Since i need to contemplate with myself and appreciate this art and apply the lesson I learned from my art subject so I decided that this is also an art. I remember if the toilet can be an art, how much more these objects. I thought that these objects were just a display in the gallery or design. In the left picture, it is acceptable and consider an art in the ‘third?’ glance. However, in the second picture (right), it is an old wood covers with unknown paint/colors with magnifying glass (I’m having a second thought again) but since I love antique objects, design is not important to consider as an art but the history behind this objects. What is the difference from the nearby gallerias i that, these contemporary is a collection of antique or ancient(HAHAHA)


This is my second favorite the Kogure gallery. This gallery attracts me not because of its sexual content but it has a theme of humanity. Well, the ambiance is too bold and vulgar that’s why I saw few people visiting in this gallery. In this gallery, I remember our recent topic in my art class, Art in Sex. I love how the artist shows boldness in their artworks and the realistic figure. I remember my professor told that Japanese were really exotic and sexual oriented that’s the reason why it’s too vulgar wherein private parts were exposed. I think this is the only gallery (if i’m not mistaken) shows sexual content in the exhibit.

A. WRIGGLES by: Saeko Shirafuji (pen, silver point, clear watercolor)

B. A KEKKOMASK by: Kenichiro Ishiguro (Oil in Panel and canvas)

C. MEN AND WOMEN by: Kei Hiraga (acrylic on canvas)


Its obvious that the theme of this gallery is nature lover. Although nature can’t be include as an art since one of the criteria is man-made, artist make a way out to create an art that man-made which we can appreciate and called it as an art through painting. All painting were very realistic in nature especially the sea or ocean. When I enter in this gallery, I suddenly feel the calm and warm of the ambiance. This is the only gallery has stitch painting and nature that focus mostly on sea which distinguish from others.


This gallery is composed by four people : Agnes Arellano, Junyee, Pandy Aviado and Gus Albor. This different people have their own advocacy and style in art. What is their similarity is that their art is more on focus a combination of abstract and indigenous. The theme is something about advocacy. Entering the gallery would give you a goosebumps, the gallery were quite dark and grey, I feel something odd also. What is different from nearby is that, their art is really unique. I try to get the message behind their art especially with junyee, Pandy and Gus, but i failed.


Ronald Ventura

He caught not only the attention of the crowd but my attention also. He was renowned in his work to his sailing boat (I don’t have time to take the picture since you need to fall in line and you got millisecond unless you can endure the expression of the people next to you) and the broken pegasus. His artworks are all about journey.

The first time I saw this art, I thought its a damage one or unfinished so they hide it, just like what I saw on some other business industry that they put it on the corner (HAHAHA) until I saw the small note-sign it is include in artfair. Seriously, this Pegasus has a sad aura but not in vain. The message convey that not all journey will be successful, it will depend on the fate of the individual. However, although journey not always successful but expression of the Pegasus is somewhat with pride (the fact with their chin-up post). Maybe the important lesson can this art could tell is that die with honor and pride.


This one is the most unique art that I've seen in the Art faie since art is not same line with the others. There is no art like painting or sculpture inside but its all about sound. For me it also one of the most interaction with the crowd. You can touch all the materials both inside and outside of this gallery. In addition, the materials here were made of old materials, in short recycled materials. Sayang, I didn’t took the picture of the gallery outside (I’m busy with the exploration of sound with just a tap).

Even old or recycled things can still interact with us and bring entertainment.


This is my first time to attend an ArtFair. Im happy and excited that time despite of waiting almost an hour just to get in. I heard a lot about ArtFair for recent years, this is the only chance I had (maybe next year, there would be) to see a “real art” that was create by renowned artist, globally. Everyday is Art. Yes, but the art that I saw were not that common, it’s too fascinating and hilarious at the same time. Its exactly 7:34PM, Saturday. I think we are the last batch were allow to go in by the guards. Honestly, I really feel frustrated because I didn’t enjoy the Art Fair because of the cut-off and plus the crowd. I underestimate if my time if I can do my task for just 1 and 30 minutes from 5th floor to roof deck. I failed to see all the arts because it end up so fast that I didn’t have chance to go to 7th floor and roofdeck. Its’s obvious to art that i presented that most of them came from lower ground. Still, I feel satisfied to all the arts i saw in lower deck, it just everytime I thinking there is more, I feel dissapointed. Since its my first time, I don’t know how to used and spend my time in each gallery. Next year, I will make sure that I will be able to see all art that was showcase. That’s why I had this expression in every picture (excuse my haggard face)

Moving on, I noticed that crowd most were middle class and elite poeple. There a lot of Filipinos but some were foreigners. Most were students (maybe they were also task to go there) and working people. Since this is ‘Art’fair, expect the majority of the people were display themselves as ‘art’ (kulang na lang gumawa sila ng gallery at i display nila sarili nila HAHAHA), their fashion (although weird just like arts) they still ‘in’ in the fashion trend. Oh, most of them were have we called ‘attitude’. They were the only person was there. :( I spend my time half in waiting plus the ‘rule of falling line’.

I just have few comparison to the Filipino contemporary since majority of them were located on 7th floor which I didn’t have a chance to go there. Their artwork compare to the other foreign contemporary, may laban. I mean, they were really talented and skillfull in terms of art. Their knowledge also was acquired from different school in other country so they were not left behind to the foreign arts. See the picture below. (That’s the only chair available among all, because most of them use as rest chair by others).

Master piece by Jose Tence Ruiz

National Museum was all made by Filipino artist if foreign, its should be all about Filipino. Most of the art were preserved and not for auction. Business tycoon have the power to buy the art on NM like Ayala, Yuchengko, Zobel and etc. However in Artfair, the purpose of it is to sell and build reputation. Most of the arts were global. One of the most obvious is comparison is that, artfair were interact to the audience. Art were really made for audience. Friendly environment (I dont like to share my experience in NM) and approachable staff and humble artist. Its obvious (see below) that i keep my distance in the NM (Right), they were totally strict even your body language was monitor unlike to the artfair (left) I can even put my face on the art.

Overall, I had a great experience seeing the art although I feel frustrated not seeing them all.


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