UI: a (too often) broken link..

Even great companies can miss out completely on UI. An eye popping example is Apple, most valued tech company in the world to date. Take their «autocomplete» feature of IOS software which is supposed to help people transforming short abbreviations in a readable text:

When in old days a weird sentence appeared in the body of your messages due to undesired abbreviations you could (reasonably) easily go in the setup and either modify or cancel the function. Now recent software releases, probably in conjuction witn cloud features, render this task extremely hard as an eliminated abbreviation auto – reinstall itself in a few minutes after having been removed.

Among those abbreviation. in Italian (my mother tongue) one stands out «sa» = «sto arrivando!» literally «I’m on my way!»

As any Italian speaking human knows perfectly, in Italian «sa» is frequently used in many meanings. Its the third person of «Sapere» («to Know» in English) but «mi sa» also translates in «I’m afraid …. (something might happen)». NOBODY however would use «sa» as an abbreviation for «sto arrivando» – > «I’m on my way»

Intrigued by that I began to wonder:

  • does Apple have any Italian nationals or speaking persons in its ranks ?
  • Answer: yes… besides the thousands of people in Italy, Apple’s group CFO happens to be an Italian national (Luca Maestri)
  • hasn’t any Apple client voiced the disconfort on this obnoxious feature ?
  • Answer: yes again.. just googling one can find several posts (some of them 3 to 4 years old) from customers complaining about this nonsense feature and asking others how to remove those.

Then why on hearth hasn’t anybody been sufficiently proactive to call up the engineers at development team and urge them to take out immediatly and for good all this ?!

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