Dear neighbor, I ain’t scared of you!

Just because you live in the apartment above me does not make your status above mine.

Stop antagonizing me, I’ve won battles you can not begin to imagine.

You threaten to call the system on me? Well, I’m an expert on primitive system and your system. If I combine these two and throw in some shariah curtesy of early indoctrination that makes me the mother of all systems. So slow down.

You may be a racist but I know the human race much better. I know all your emotions.

You dont intimidate me when you slam doors or hit your floors with your tiny sticks of terror. These sounds are pure entertainment. I’ve heard the cries of wars, sounds of bullets, seen flying body parts. I saw scattered brain matter once and I naively thought that was fat.

You ask why I got too many kids? Well my kids keep me grounded, keep me young, remind me of the now, while the lack of clearly keeps you in my business.

You say I don’t belong in this country, I say you don’t belong in my neighborhood. If anyone is new here, that’ll be you. You’re new to my apartment building. Watch your steps. My spirit is everywhere.

You put on a Hitler’s T-shirt and mustache to confront me? Is that supposed to intimidate me? This is beyond comical because I’m an African and I ain’t scared of no Hitler’s nor the man you call boogyman. Next time you want to scare me, get a picture of a fierce, menacing looking witch doctor and plant some voodoo made of bones, furs and feathers at my doorstep and on my windows sills. That’ll seriously cause some chemical reaction and make me evaporate back to hellfrica.

After all that ego yapping..

  • I wish you’d give me a chance. I don’t believe in chance meetings but I’m pretty sure I’m the answer to some your life’s puzzles but the way things seem to be unfolding at the moment indicates that your intimate knowledge of color is going to be your major barrier.

I guess I’m your in between hobbies for now. It’ll be sad to see you lose this battle, because I’m prepared kill you with kindness.

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