23 years ago, I lost my uncle to suicide.
SF Ali

I love you bro, I’m glad that life loves you too and embraced and prepared you for herself before you even landed. You had to experience its intensity and quickly at such an early age in order to be great, wise and generous. I sensed what you’re made of that the moment I saw the description under your name. Very selfless and beautiful.

I too was prepared early. I’m now grateful i had to go through the issues I did and broke through the other side somehow whole. Nothing fazes me anymore. It made me see how similar we all are. Still makes me love humanity unconditionally. Makes me see the bigger picture most of the time.

I agree with all the others. You deserve to be rewarded for helping others through the sharing of your role. You’re already successful and abundant just by your existence and joy you spread. You don’t need to sell anything to be any richer. But by going through the right channels, you will create some magical chains of effect that will ultimately make anyone who comes into contact with your material also benefit and profit from it.

Pleased to meet you. May Allah protect the soul of our uncle and shower his mercy on him every second. May he be among the first ones to enter the garden of Firdaws. Allahuma Ameen❤️