Personal Power

Power is showing up for life everyday with gratitude and enthusiasm

Power is representing your name well while aiming for self reliance.

Power is knowing that any standard is yours to set. Aim higher. You matter if not to others, then to yourself.

Power is constantly improving on yourself, developing the ability to overlook current circumstances, set up goals that will help you creep out of, and overcome your obstacles one at a time.

Power is being your own boss even if you run a home. Power is understanding that no one can own you.

Power is walking away from a confrontation because you don’t want to embarrass your opponent.

Power is helping someone out because you can.

Power is rolling over with life’s blows, fix what you can, look for meaning and purpose in the situations you feel helpless and still break through the other side unaltered, intact and as the ultimate winner.

Power is knowing that people and places come with an expiration date. Attachment to both when the time is up, is giving up your power. Let it go

Power is the courage to set new intentions which include forgiving your transgressors and making the habit of retiring to bed at night peaceful, content and hopeful for a better tomorrow.

Power is having the common sense to tap into higher power.

Power is being flexible and receptive to new ideas and inspiration.

Power is purposely looking for and finding your niche.

You want power? “Follow your bliss” ( Joseph Campbell).