Phoenix, Arizona

Where to begin; oh yeah, this place sucks.

The people are crazy, selfish, and most of them old. Everyone is so fucking obsessed over the most worst form of social media. Social networking. Fuck you Mark Zuckerberg, and most importantly, fuck you facebook. I feel like my generation is fucked because of you.

I'm glad I don't use facebook. I try not utilize the facebook messenger. I am choosing the alternate path. The path least treaded on. Whoa just went on a rant that went unnoticed for a minute.

I read an article of Vice about Phoenix and how fucking terrible this hell hole is. I live to close to the airport which harbors in countless of fucking alcoholics by the hour that clog up our transit system. Valley Metro is nice in the wee hours of the morning, but after that, good luck my friends.

I’m currently sitting at PC 2, at Phoenix Public Library, at 1221 North Central Avenue. How the fuck did I get here, well that story is for another time.

But seriously now, fuck you facebook burn in hell. It depresses me that I actually have to discuss this.


Alexander J. Favela

Student at Central High School in Phoenix, Arizona.


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