When I gaze at the world
Am amazed by what I see
I wonder how the earth came to be
I wonder how everything in it was spoken to life
And then it came to be
The day, evening and night
How do they tell when to switch?
Who tells the sun when to scorch us?
Who tells the rain to wet us?
Who tells the cold to wrinkle our skin?
Who? Just who?

I look at creatures
At their different displays of emotions
And I’m still unable to fathom
Why everything and everyone seems different
Even I wonder how I came to be
Because I just grew up knowing that I existed
And when I look at how many have failed
In their duties to life
I tell myself I do not want to be a failure
Never to my generation and my procreation
I tell myself I would make it
I tell myself never to be a failure
That I would work hard

But there goes another fear!
Work hard?
Many have been working hard
Why then haven’t they made it
Most have nothing to show for being loyal and hardworking
Most say hard work pays
Some say it doesn’t
I grew up hearing these things
And like everyone else I get to choose what I believe in
I believe in hard work,
I believe in faith
Even I am hoping against hope itself
Because I know I’m one of the many few
Who would make it

My mom always told me
What was worth doing was worth doing well
So whatever I did to survive
I did it well
Hoping at that tiny little back of my mind
It would click someday
When I look at those who have made it
I wonder if they are any less different from the rest
And then I tell myself something –
When preparation meets opportunities
Then the stage of success is set
And then I ask myself am I prepared?
Or what does it mean to be prepared