Lost in your cold cold arms

Yet your manliness endears me to you

Even as you cup me in your bony arms

I’m caught in galaxies

Stolen by Mercury and scorched therein

Deceived by the treacherous beauty of Venus itself

Oblivious to the evil wiles of Earth

Reddened by the sand dunes of Mars

Lost to the swirling clouds of Jupiter

Confused by the deceiving rings of Saturn

Mesmerized by radiating beauty of Uranus

Gone with the winds of Neptune

And feeling congested in little Pluto

Where do I run to my beloved?

Even when the nine planets have rejected me!

I would go to the stars

For there my beloved awaits my very presence

Where we would transform into celestial bodies

And no longer be far apart

Where we would entwine as one

A place for us in the stars!