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We have become blind to pain and have welcomed the talons of grief and sorrow to embrace us and hurt us even more. The more we sink deeper into grief, the more it consumes us unknowingly.

Most people feel overcoming daily challenges, one will need drugs like Viagra, Meth and so on. Little do they know they only sink deeper and deeper into a bottomless pit they may never be saved from. If you fall into this group, you’ve been totally blindfolded that all I can picture is a mentally-deluded individual heading towards the edge of a cliff. You never solve a problem just by complicating it all the more. Taking the bull by the horns seem to work most times. I have a confounding problem and I decide to drink to stupor, what do I get to achieve? Will it make the problems vanish? Of course not, soon enough I’ll come back to reality and still find the problem sitting down like an obedient puppy, waiting for a command from me.

We think our eyes our wide open but they’re just half closed, blind to the truth right in front of us.

Blindfolded? Yes we all are!
People in politics are blind!
We citizens and denizens are blind!
Some parents are blind!
The community itself is blind!
So many countries are blind!

We can spend and sponsor immoral programmes that demoralize and does not have good effects on the people, but we have refused to spend to help orphans, widows and the dying community. These monies which ought to be invested in Education, Community Development, Health, etc have been wasted and hidden in secret bank accounts. And we say we’re not blindfolded? OK maybe there’s just catarrh in our eyes. Nigeria, which I will use as a practical example is currently facing economic hardships. But some stakeholders and companies agreed to sponsor the Big Brother Naija (BBN). Companies like Indomie, PayPorte, Coca-Cola, etc provided the housemates weekly with supplies. Now this sponsorship of course came at a cost and who bore it? The citizens, of course. Indomie and Coca-Cola increased prices of its goods. If the monies which have been spent on these programmes were invested in health for example, life would have been goooood.

We use the term "coloured people" to cover for inadequacies and unjustified fears and obnoxious notions. We call them negroes because we still fear what the future holds for them; we still underestimate their capabilities. Why would a white man still at this present age and time, look down on a person just because he’s black or coloured? Now I wonder who’s living in the dark Stone Age.

We feed on the poor; those who have sworn us into authority; the rich gets richer and the poor poorer. We feign policies that claim to help these citizens, only to usurp them little by little.

We build industries and companies that constantly pollute the environment of these "poor nations"; same people we’ve under looked, put millions in our sagging bank accounts. Cases of cancers and effects that are deleterious to health have increased and the cures are not forthcoming.

I can’t spank my child because it’s termed child abuse. My child can lie to the cops even when I haven’t touched him or probably inflict an injury on himself and say I did it just for the courts to get me off his back - we afterall term this civilization! Now the root causes of these have to be re-examined because Westerners got it all wrong right from the onset. Yeah I know there are parents who hurt their children but this is just a vicious circle that will keep coming round and round until someone actually does something about it. A parent should have the whole right to spank and punish his child afterall this is a big part of discipline. I was spanked, punished and beaten mercilessly by my mother. You know as a child, I knew mom loved me despite her beatings and now as an adult, I have really come to understand the importance of beating a child solely to correct misdeeds. Call the police and report you were been spanked, and oh boy, you’ll get more spanking from the police in African nations.

We are blind because we get married today and tomorrow we’re divorced so easily. Divorce comes as the only option; there’s definitely no working it out. It takes the passions as quickly as it had come to disappear. Because we don’t how to love or tolerate anything. We’re absolutely inpatient.

The community is blind because it has refused to understand its importance. It has paid deaf ears to its social responsibility. We all represent the community, so the question you should ask yourself is “Are you blindfolded?”

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