I am black and referred to as a negro

Maybe it’s the fault of my genotype

I can blame the melanin in me

It’s being said hate for skin colour is a crime

But I find it repulsive that it’s still everywhere whites and blacks are found

I can’t speak openly in the midst of whites

They believe we are “apes therefore we must obey”

Going back through history in Africa

I read how the whites lobbied to control Africa

And all their cultures they imposed on us

Now we Africans are still trying to understand our heritage

Which have been muddled up with so called civilization

Haven’t deaths and wars fought as a result of discrimination taught enough lessons

It’s high time this obnoxious mentality is put to an end

Heck, I believe you are smart enough to know that the skin is just a colour

And black brains are capable of performing as the whites

Yes! You’ve taught us a lot; doesn’t mean you throw faeces in our faces and expect us to smile like all is well

No more suffering and smiling

No more looking down on blacks

No more hating us!

Yes I am black; a negro

And yes I’m proud

In my next life or reincarnation

I would yet still come as a black

Because I will surely triumph in spite of these hurdles