I have five sisters who are great

Though one is late

We fight, argue and make-up

Yet we still share each other’s makeup

We sure do have our differences

And we always make references

To our past hurts and pains

Down the memory lane

Sometimes I feel I can’t bear to be with them

Yet most times I would die to be found with them

I am the fifth of the girls

Sometimes I feel we are great pairs

Sometimes I feel like we hate one another

Cuz we would always bicker at each other

We argue a lot

But sometimes when you see us

One would think we’ve never had a fight before

But some times, accidentally, you may see us reform

Sometimes I feel my elder sisters should stop acting like my mom

Because I feel no one could replace my understanding and caring mom

Every time I wish my mom was alive

Cuz she seemed like the only one who could understand my life

Needless to say, no matter what

I still love my Dearing sisters much more than I had thought

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