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A Letter to my Ex-Caucasian Lover on his Birthday

An intrinsic poem for people of colour

Each morning I wake up with you on my mind

And great throbbing pains in my heart

We had shared our first kiss under the bougainvillea

Those days when I was only but a seedling

We had spent great moments together

Now we’re miles apart

Separated by the same thing we both wanted

Years have gone by, leaving me with the feeling off being wanted

He has moved on

But I’m stuck

November would forever be our month

Its indelible mark was just the beginning of my brunt

I remember the third of November

was filled with wonders I’m afraid would last forever

but only in my heart

You said we would forever be close

How had we grown apart?

How did you allow racial difference to be a dividing rule?

Didn’t you say if true love was a crime then you wanted to be wanted?

I heard that you’ve found a white girl

This coloured human is hurting, but not because she is a black girl

but because her black heart had learnt to love only you

It still yearns and pants after you

Lemme ask again

Was it your mom?

Or was it you dad?

It must have been the society?

What didn’t I do right?

I had gone against my family’s warnings didn’t I?

They had warned me you would leave me heartbroken, didn’t they?

They said we wouldn’t work

And all you did was prove them right

Wasn’t I good enough for you?

Were you scared of being affiliated with little mulattoes?

But you had fallen in love with one

Or so I thought?

How’re your white kids?

Hope you’re proud of them?

I don’t have any kids yet

Not sure I ever will

You taught me a lot about love

even if you couldn’t give it all to me

You wanted nothing more than ever to put a stop to this mentality

but how did you intend to fight it

when you couldn’t realize

the change begins with you?