My Twitter account seems jealous of me. It doesn’t show me notifications or interactions but shows me other people’s tweets and suggests who to follow.

At first I thought it was probably network but damn, I was receiving other people’s tweets. I was feeling that maybe nobody was seeing my tweets! Damn I was writing something that was trending.

The last straw that broke the camel’s back was this evening after receiving other people’s personal notifications tweets as usual I checked and saw none for me. I began considering uninstalling it since it seemed useless to me.

I decided to check my email and saw so many notifications and mentions people had made to me and of me.

Now I’m asking myself this very salient question:

Is my Twitter account jealous of me?

Is it because I tweet more than it does? Or it thinks I’ve tweeted enough to steal its show?

Please help O cause I’m outta clues on the way forward.

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