I met him for the first time and my stomach felt like butterflies were playing in them

I stared at him, shy, struck with strange mixed feelings

He stared back at me, I looked away

I became concerned with the way I positioned my face

Sweet strings of melodies could be heard in my little fragile heart (or was it my heart pounding?)

I was scared he could have heard it too

But no, wasn’t he far away?

I sought solace in the only thing that could have saved me that instance — my phone!

I childishly began playing Piano Tiles- at least it showed off my typing skills

I peered away from my phone and oh! He was still staring

Afraid and having never felt this way, I was out of ideas on how to handle this

I decided to leave the recreation centre

Even my legs felt too heavy to move

My buttocks felt too big and too small

I walked anyway taking care not to slip and fall

I heard someone whisper something, I turned to look and he was following me

I’m sure I had definitely missed my step

He said “please, excuse me”. Should I stop or not?. My instincts told me to wait. Of course, my pheromones were kicking hard. I stopped like a robot. I swayed and gave him my nicest smile- one that said “hey, I’m a nice girl and I take no shit”

He said “hello, how’re doing?” I replied “fine, thank you”. Girl’s got to act nice even if she wasn’t.

He said “my name is Shane” and I said “Ok”.

“Ok? That’s all. Won’t you introduce yourself”

Not this now” I thought to myself. Remember all those warnings our moms would give to us “Never talk to strangers” was kind of my logo then.

“I don’t know you”, a timid me replied.

“Ok, can I see you tomorrow then?”

“Maybe, maybe not” I replied and skittishly walked away. Yeah playing hard to get I heard usually works on guys. They tend to respect you then.

I couldn’t stop fantasizing that night. I was going madly insane in what I could not be sure was love. I was smiling to myself; very happy that night. Should I go tomorrow or not?, I kept pondering with myself. By the morning, and with little sleep I had decided on what to do. I was going to go but I’ll definitely keep him waiting. He has to learn to be patient because he will do a lot of waiting, that is if this relationship blossoms.

I was not hungry- I discovered which was quite unusual. I did my chores still unable to get him off my mind. Was was this? What has he done with me. He’s mesmerized me with his hazel eyes and distorted my chain of thoughts. I saw myself in an imaginary imagery, lost to the world, drenched in fiery love and engulfed by the flames of seduction. The sunset became a cocoon, the birds sang sweet melody, the river felt like an ally, everything nature seemed to agree with our passionate love. He gave me a wonderful kiss that smeared through my cell, tissue, organ and system and exploded in want of his kiss. The kiss was hot and watery as mouth met with mouth, tongue with tongue. If this was a dream I didn’t want to wake up ever from it just then I heard someone call out my name. Oh dear! It was a dream!

Oh my God. I’ve never been kissed before but this dream felt real. I checked my time and I was really really late. Could he still be waiting for me? I was anxious but I guess I have to believe he’s there, waiting for me.

I walked quickly but when I got there I walked at ease. He doesn’t need to think I want him; to give him the impression that I’m cheap and as a matter of fact, I don’t come cheap — I’m priceless! And my heart leapt for joy seeing him leaning his slim muscular being on the bar. He flashed me those smiles which were killing. I smiled back.

He got up to …….. honestly even I couldn’t remember what he did, my heart was racing too much to care. I sat on the stool still smiling. He began the introductions again like I didn’t hear the last time “My name is Shane Judge, what’s yours pretty Lady?”

This time there’s no avoiding this question “My name is Jackleen Bates”.

“Well, what a graceful name!” He said with a smile that revealed his white molar.

Perfect dentition” I thought to myself.

He ordered light refreshments and snacks for me. He was observant! At least he knew I didn’t do alcohol. We began chatting and it felt like a weight was lifted off my shoulders. I discovered I became more and more bolder. I asked him personal questions and he returned same.

It was time to go now. I said bye and to my utmost surprise , he kissed me, just a very light kiss. I was stupefied, obviously I couldn’t return it but if I could, men I would kiss the heck outta him.

I said bye again not knowing what to do and walked away.

He would send me the sweetest texts and call me several times in a day. When I didn’t get his text or message, I would become worried. That was how our love escapades began. Soon it got to the big part — sex.

He was actually asking for it. I was scared and didn’t know what to do.

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